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Yiquan ("Mind Boxing") is a relatively modern martial art founded by the Chinese master Wang Xiangzhai (1885-1963). Originally based on Xingyiquan, Yiquan has since evolved into its own distinct style, eschewing set patterns and forms in favor of cultivating natural movement based on effective combat principles. It is a true internal martial art that emphasizes the integration of body and mind.

Through the practice of standing meditation, visualization techniques, slow and fast movement, push hands and sparring, Yiquan is a complete system that develops internal health, power, and effective fighting ability.

Classes in Chicago, IL

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About the Instructor

Moon Lee is a disciple of Master Yao Chengguang, the 3rd generation inheritor of Yiquan. As a certified instructor of the Beijing Zongxun Wuguan and the Beijing Institute of Yiquan, he is authorized by Master Yao to teach and spread Yiquan in the United States.